Healthy Inclusion

This new webpage (developed December 2010) is specifically to provide medical students with the necessary information needed to undertake their Special Study Module (SSM) in Health Inclusion. This course addresses the following areas of social exclusion:

1. Sanctuary (asylum) seekers, and refugees in the context of global health
2. Homelessness and vulnerably housed people
3. Substance misusers: Class A drugs, alcohol, nicotine
4. Prisoners and ex-prisoners health (offender health, healthcare in secure environments)
5. Street sex-workers
6. Travelling communities (Roma, Travellers and Gypsies)
7. Medical Humanities from a human rights perspective

We are delighted if similar courses are developed elsewhere in the UK.

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  1. Dr Joseph O' Neill
    March 23, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Many thanks Kieran!

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