Refugee and Asylum Health

Click or scan to download 'Refugee and Asylum Health'

Click or scan to download 'Refugee and Asylum Health'

Refugee and Asylum Health


Asylum Seekers and refugees are a vulnerable group of people, whose healthcare needs are often ignored or insufficiently met. The British government’s current strategy is to place thousands of asylum seekers in detention centres, which can worsen their physical and mental health.

NHS and Cochrane library were used to search for relevant literature sources. The internet was also used to search for information: the UN and Home Office websites provided some useful statistics.

Detention centres have often been compared to prisons, where asylum seekers are treated as if they have committed a crime. As there is no legal limit on the length of time kept in detention, asylum seekers could potentially remain there indefinitely.

Detaining asylum seekers affects their already fragile mental health, yet the health care provided in detention centres is insufficient to deal with their physical health care needs.

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